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August 24th, 2016

All ALM-12V7s and ALM-12V7s HP modules are now individually boxed for quick shipment of any size order.

-- EVDM Corporation

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48V100K Customizable Battery Kit
Ships direct from NEC Energy Solutions in Westborough, MA
MSRP $5,699.00
ALM-12V35i HP (intelligent w/CAN bus, up to 210 A Charge/Discharge)
Usually Ships in 24 Hours via UPS Ground DANGEROUS GOODS
MSRP $985.00

Customizable Battery Kit

The 48V100 K Battery Kit allows OEMs and integrators to configure customized 48V 100Ah battery solutions leveraging the superior performance of Nanophosphate® lithium ion modules and NEC Energy Solutions’ advanced battery management features.


NEC Energy Solutions ALM line of lithium Nanophosphate® battery modules offer exceptional performance and long operating life. Compared to typical lead-acid batteries, the ALM 12V35 line delivers:

  • > 50X longer cycle life
  • 5X longer calendar / float life
  • 10X faster recharge time
  • 60% more usable capacity vs. nameplate at high current
  • 50% lower weight

Integrated protection for short circuits and over-voltage, temperature, charge and discharge add to the inherent Nanophosphate® cell safety. Consistent energy capacity, even under high discharge and deep cycling, allows system right-sizing, while arrays up to 48V and 350Ah extend application flexibility.